Monday, January 18, 2010

Latvians Adopt National Haircut

Emboldened by Belarus' adoption of a national stench, the Latvian Seima has passed a resolution requiring men over 18 years of age to adopt the national haircut. "A crew cut is a good way of letting you know a Latvian has entered the room," said Minister for Culture Ints Dālderis who sponsored the law. The minister added that the hairstyle also lends itself to the quick removal of head lice with a pocket comb.
In draft form, says Dālderis, are other laws which will institute a national suit, shoes, and Sunday-go-to-meetin's track suit.


  1. Best of all you can give yourself this haircut and it doesn't cost anything. There's a good song with lyrics "man with a plan and a pocket comb." Marc Cohn. Know it?

  2. ...and a flowbee...