Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kickass Competition For Jobs

In 2009, CV-Online's Estonian job portal indicates that an average of 17 candidates competed for every job opening. Asked how employers choose between candidates, Erkki Tööjõud, CV Online’s Managing Director, said “Employers typically have candidates compete for the position. This used to be straight forward, behind closed doors, on what we call the ‘casting couch.’ As competition has increased, corporate directors have been unable to, err, perform quite so often, so we have developed a new CV Online Competition Catalog for corporate directors to make the selection process fool proof," said Tööjõud. "For entry level positions," he said, "we offer strip poker, name calling, and thumb wrestling. For mid management positions, our menu includes medieval jousting, naked mud wrestling, and blind folded mumble peg. For senior management and director positions, competition is most keen. For these, we offer our Crystal Class Competitions, which include spear throwing with a Native American atlatl, base jumping sans parachute, and hand to hand combat."


  1. you could sell tickets to these events!

  2. I got my job this way in December. And I learned that the important thing in a competition for base jumping without a parachute is to go last.