Monday, February 15, 2010

Wintour Calls Estonian Olympic Uniforms "Gay"

Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine's editor-in-chief, was present for the Vancouver Olympics' opening ceremonies and watched the parade with her sartorial eye. "I could understand it," she wrote on her Vogue blog, "if all the Estonian athletes were rich and would just throw their uniforms away after the games. They should be wearing something more versatile than these gay-looking Abominable Snowman costumes. I mean, Estonia's a cold country so maybe they'll want to wear the coats out to dinner."
Wintour came under immediate fire from Baltika Clothing's Director of Design and Estonian First Lady, Evelin Ilves. "I designed the outfits for our athletes modeled on the colors and styles I like to wear while rollerblading," said Ilves, when reached for comment. "So I don't see what Anna Wintour is complaining about. There's nothing gay about them." Estonian athletes, however, reported having "gay" shouted at them as they walked through the streets of Vancouver's Olympic Village. "I stopped wearing the uniform," said Estonian cross country skier Martin Moes. "Since I switched to my coat from the Humana second-hand shop, the other athletes have stopped picking fights with me."
Anna Wintour, left, and Estonia's luge uniform, right. Abominable Snowman coat photos not available.


  1. I think she, like the mayor of Tartu, was confused by the extraordinarily large bi-athlete contingent.

  2. Anon,

    they aren't gay. they're "Italian." see attached.

  3. This story is BS! Anna wasn't at the opening ceremonies- it's fashion week in New York! She doesn't even have a blog!!

  4. It"s not BS. I know it's true!
    A. Wintour knows everything about Estonian winters.

  5. interesting story ... I like your design, you are beautiful and original Wintour knows nothing about fashion! :)

  6. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh