Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Story for Reader Epp

Bruised from comments by frustrated readers Epp ("why must you write about silly things") and Tony ("'re a consummate idiot"), the Livonian Chronicle purchased spellcheck yesterday and found nothing wrong with its stories. "I knew there were no spelling errors in our stories," said Chronicle editor Henry. "Spellcheck is really a tool for morons. But when you have people like Epp calling up and asking, then you've got to check and double check your work."
After a marathon negotiation session with Epp about the newspaper's tendency to publish silliness, the paper agreed to publish at least one story daily featuring a smiley face and some "positive, tourist-oriented facts about Estonia," including blatant use of the government's happy slogans, "Welcome to Estonia" and "Positively Surprising."
This variation of the smiley face (above) was invented in Estonia, though the nation allows free use through an open-use clause in its patent.

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