Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Norway: 'Poor Countries Should Not Compete'

Not seconds after Estonia's Kristina Smigun finished second for a Silver in the women's 10-kilometer freestyle, the Norwegians were flinging accusations of unfairness. "It's not right," said Thor Thorssen of Norway's Olympic Committee. "Estonia is a country whose GDP is a fraction of Sweden's whose GDP is a fraction of Norway's. How could two poor countries both beat us?" Thorssen was referring to Sweden's Charlotte Kalla and Norway's Marit Bjoergen who finished Gold and Bronze, respectively. "In the future," said Thorssen, "I don't think countries with low GDPs should be allowed to participate in the Olympics. Not everyone can have the euro, why do they let just anybody into the Olympics?"
Thorssen added that if the games had been in Norway the Estonian competitors would have been forcibly removed to insane asylums "like we did with that Abba girl's mom--she got what was coming to her." The Norwegian added that "little Swedish girl was just lucky her government didn't sterilize her mother for her having an Estonian last name. Since when has 'Kalla' been Swedish?"
Thorssen (left) was later forcibly removed from Olympic grounds for trying to sterilize athletes from low-GDP countries. Smigun (right) says she still believes in quality portrait photography.


  1. She is a Tyskerbarna! Tyskerbarna! Tyskerbarna!

  2. Sad that what you call the "Abba" case has not received international attention. Read more here:


  3. I know that guy. He was a professor at the University of Iowa in 1982. He taught accounting.