Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grover Book Named Estonia's "Best English-language Title 2009"

The Estonian Society of Literature has named author Alexander Grover's The New Estonian Golden Age: How Estonia Will Rise to Be One of Europe's Five Richest Nations as Estonia's Best English-language book of 2009. "We believe Mr. Grover's book exhibits all the trademarks of an ESL book," said Igor Igav, spokesman for the ESL award committee. "We hope this means that whoever is pretending to be Alex can now stop shamelessly plugging the book on BBN's website," added Igav, "and that the publisher will be able to unload the rest of the copies stashed in his garage at the reduced $8.99 price on Amazon.com." Grover was unreachable for comment.
Buy the book here, here, here, or here.


  1. Dear Sarcastic Livonian Chronicle. This book is th real thing. Is is a real vision and for why Estonia future is bright so bright I have to wear shades (like the song). And Im not just saying that, I did have read it. And everything. Don't misunderestimate me, or this book that i didn't write.

  2. P.S. BBN is shit. not one single sale from there. I'm true with that site.

  3. Hi, this is Alex, my book is #1 consistently in the Estonia category on Amazon.com. I am always available for comment. info@estoniangoldenage.com

  4. Amazon has an Estonia category?

  5. And if it does have an Estonia category, how would you know it's number one?

  6. Here you go: http://www.amazon.com/New-Estonian-Golden-Age-Estonia/dp/1441466398/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265228413&sr=8-1

    If you scroll down, you can see the ranking. Today its at #4 as it fluctuates based on daily sales. I lived in Estonia, worked hard and like estonia enough to come up with ideas so people can have a future based on fundementals and not based on how much money you can borrow. Yes there are some grammer mistakes which I apologize for as I was writing in my spare time and published on my own.

    Moreover, I don't even have a garage and the publisher that I use has prints on demand technology so there is no need for inventory.

    Also, no one named Igor tried to contact me.

  7. Alex,
    Good on ya for writing the book. Hopefully, this publicity will help you sell a few.

  8. ESL was right: this book has great potential. Even used copies are selling for a higher price than new ones, which means it is becoming a collector item.

    I just sold my house and bought the rest of the books. Copies of this fine literary accomplishment can be bought from me for a meager price of 2490 EEK/pc.

    P.S. Anybody have extra space in their garage?

  9. Alex, my American friend,
    ESL = English as a Second Language (we Estonians must take the ESL exam for your universities. If somebody speaks bad English, they say he speaks 'ESL English')
    "Igav" means "boring" in Estonian
    I think these Livonian Chronicle people make up these stories. I am pretty sure they made up yours and so nobody named Igor Igav would ever contact you.
    Your friend,
    Jaanus from Indiana University

  10. It appears many people from the old country don't care so much for the idea of an Indian/American profiting from a poorly written book on their country. Stick to one profession my man!
    I give this book a one out of ten.