Monday, February 8, 2010

Latvian National Library A Tragic Accident

According to anonymous Latvian surveys, 50 percent of accidents in the workplace are never reported, says the State Labor Inspectorate's Deputy Director Dagnija Darba. “In most cases, this is because employees fear losing their jobs, or are blind drunk, slice off a finger and wake up two days later and can't find it.” Darba points out. “That would explain the body parts I find scattered about the shop floor,” said Sam Stump, manager at the Jelgava Glass Shard factory. “And I guess those pools of blood aren't Haitian voodoo rituals after all," he said, scratching his head. According to glass cutter Penelope Parkapeja this isn’t news. “Accidents happen all the time that are unreported,” she said. “Always have. I myself resulted from an accident 24 years ago, that happened to my mother while working here. My whole miserable life could've been avoided had only someone reported that knee trembler she got in the broom closet.”
Boris Buvnieks, a foreman on the construction site of the new Latvian National Library, agrees. He said “I have it on good authority that the National Library architect Gunars Birkerts suffered a horrible epileptic seizure while designing this building, pen in hand. He jerked around scribbling uncontrollably before he passed out. Nobody reported that accident, the Latvians mistook his epileptic fit for intentional design and now lookit – I gotta build the damn thing! Tell me that Popeye cartoon ship, that giant oozing slug of a building is not an accident,” he said, wiping a tear angrily from his cheek.
Above, fotos of Latvian National Library, and of a slug (the library is on the left).


  1. I thought it looked more like a big pile of dog poo, that's so old it's gone white.

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  3. Fuckin A right Jay! You said it, man. But what about that library? Looks like a slug, right?