Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tweets From the Road: Roman Graffiti

The following text (see also foto) was found carved into a Colliseum wall in 'Centro Storico' part of Ancient Rome
"Hic ad Callinicum / futui orem anum palma
amicom re nolite / in aedi
Livius me cunus / lincet Tertulle cunnu
Efesius Terpsilla amat anum"


I met a pretty girl once from Italy
who said 'Rome is my home' rather wittily
her eyes were a' smolder
as my arm draped round her shoulder
she said take your left hand off my tittily

1 comment:

  1. That does look like Latin graffiti (click on it to enlarge). It looks like one message on top of another. Both messages are consistent with the Latin in use at the time, but don't match the translation, which appears to be in the style of what's known as a "Limerick," which was pre-Roman verse favored by the Etruscans.