Monday, February 22, 2010

Estonians Finish Well in Ice Dancing Pairs

Skating to "Theme from Love Story" arranged as a dirge for organ, Estonia's President and First Lady completed their first Olympic pairs ice dancing competition with high marks from the judges. Mostly, they received praise for their costumes. "The whole Dracula get-up was just stunning," remarked a Romanian judge. "They showed lots of flash and flare. The candelabras were huge." As the First Pair glided across the ice, wind machines caused their capes to extend, prompting one teenage spectator to shriek, "It's Batman, mommy!"
Asked from which gumball machine he got his gold-colored medallion, President Ilves removed it and gave it to an admiring young fan. "This whole depressing Eastern European theme is just way out there," said the fan, who identified himself as Dave from Toronto. "I'd really like to visit that place and see if everybody is as cool as the First Pair. I'm told you can walk right up to their house if you want and just ring the doorbell. Whoa! That's just way out there! Try doing that at Brian Mulroney's house."
The First Pair will return to Estonia for the independence ball but will return to Vancouver in time for their other event, curling.
The First Pair (above) skated boldly to dirge arrangement for organ.

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