Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Putin, Ansip Meet at Baltic Summit

At the costume party preamble to the Baltic Sea Action Summit, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin struck up a conversation with Estonia's PM Andrus Ansip. "We talked about sea life and how fragile the Baltic Sea is," said Putin, who was dressed as Bruce Willis after he had just saved the world.
"He had a great costume," said Ansip. "A wife-beater tshirt, a handgun, and his arms all glistening with sweat. I didn't recognize it was Putin until he said Russia should have no restrictions on catching herring. When I did realize it was him, I turned and walked away of course. So please don't anyone be angry who is reading this in my home country," the Estonian Prime Minister added. "I really did try to snub him."
Putin said that he recognized the Estonian Prime Minister all along -- "who else would dress as a Setu woman?" -- and approached him in good faith. "Mr. Ansip and I should discuss many matters but the Estonians simply refuse to talk."
Also at the party were Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf (dressed as a Nazi General), Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite (peasant girl), and Latvian President Valdis Zatlers (porn-actor physician).

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  1. Raises a fine point. Putin meets with the Finnish PM, why won't the Estonians meet him? Or will the world have to wait for the next generation of politicians?