Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vilnius Awarded Riga Airport Franchise

Latvian airline airBaltic announced the launch of construction of a new terminal at the Riga airport which will allow it to service seven million passengers per year within five years, a 50% increase over current traffic, Verslo zinios writes. At a press conference in Riga, Air Baltic spokesman Laimonis Lidotajs said there were other expansion plans. "I am pleased to announce that Lithuania has been awarded the franchise for Riga Airport in Vilnius, which shall be known as Rigas Airportevicius Vilniaus.
Vilnius Airport spokesman Mindaugas Meibakicius said "Riga airport is the only real airport in the Baltic states. Now with this franchise, we can finally have our own real airport. It'll be great; like having a McDonald's franchise, only bigger, and there's no drive. Welcome to Rigas Airportevicius Vilniaus, may I take your order?" he asked brightly.
Proceedings were interrupted by Tallinn airport representative Kairi Kade, who accused Vilnius of stealing Tallinn's idea. "This is Tallinn's idea, which we've been working on since our airport was designed in 1978 as a large McDonalds, and they've stolen it," she said slowly, pointing at Meibakicius. "And we have developed a drive," she said, blowing a raspberry at Meibakicius. As reporters showered her with questions, Kade refuted claims that Tallinn had optioned a Hesburger Airport franchise as a backup plan. "That's not true," she said, "there isn't enough mayonnaise in this entire country for a Hesburger Airport."
Riga's new airport terminal is photographed on left. Tallinn's McDonalds-esque airport, with jet approaching the "drive" window, is on the right.

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