Thursday, February 18, 2010

US, Estonia Partner in Magazine

The new international magazine Best Of publishes only lists. "It's what the world wants," says Conde Nast Vice President Tom Florio who will serve as the magazine's publisher. It may be what America wants, but to save money Estonia will be producing the magazine. "Estonia has great experience with trashy magazines and journalism which the Americans want very much to mine. We will add our resources to your expertise and produce a solid international media property."
The first page of Best Of forms a pact with readers. "Other than the one you're currently reading, we will never publish a single complete sentence," writes editor Anna Wintour, who will set aside some of her responsibilities with Vogue to take over Best Of. True to her no-complete-sentence promise, Wintour adds that "We promise lists more lists what America wants." Publisher Florio says the no-complete-sentence policy also makes it easier to use foreign writers. "Eastern Europeans can actually write our magazine for us! Watch us put even more American journalists out of work!"
Best Of's first issue includes hot lists like "Best heels over six inches," "Loudest iPod models for public transport," "Best cars for wannabe oligarchs," "Best excuses to raise taxes in poor countries." In a special 'America' section, offerings abound: "Best ways to make your rifle automatic," "Most Successful Lawsuits," "Best Lines to Get Fast Emergency Room Care," and "Best body cavities to smuggle in discount meds from Canada."

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