Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nordic Passengers Demand More from EA

Estonian Air recently announcd that it would bring back free on-board food on longer flights as a way to differentiate itself in a market full of budget airlines. However, a passenger rights group, the Nordic Citizens Air Travelers Association, has called for more. "We want the tourist class stewardesses to wear tighter outfits and let us pat them on the buttocks," says Stig Larsson, chairman of the rights group. "In first class we want the return of the Mile High Club and bra-less, open-bloused Ukrainian flight attendants who are all under 30 years old, and none of those big American-type stewardesses over 50 with the saggy boobs. We want an extra large welcome beer on early morning flights, free shuttle service to the Xclub upon landing at √úlemiste, and Finnish and Swedish flags displayed on every seatback."
Estonian Air management said NCATA's proposals were interesting and would be seriously considered in the name of doing its best for all its Scandinavian and Nordic passengers. NCATA's Larsson suggested the airline might also consider discounting seats on flights which are otherwise empty but noted "that's just a wild business idea from a crazy, drunken Swede."


  1. Sounds fully reasonable. I expect Tallink to introduce even more drastic improvements of similar type on their ferries.

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