Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tallinn Airport Lowers Landing Fees, Accepts Coupons

In response to Vilnius Airport's surprise announcement that it had usurped the slow moving Estonians to win a master franchise agreement to open Riga Airports across the Baltic states, Tallinn Airport announced yesterday that it will reduce landing fees starting in April, Äripäev Online reports. The fees will be reduced from 155 kroons per ton, to EEK 25.99 per aircraft. Aircraft ordering an extra large soft drink can reduce this fee further, and Tallinn Airport will also accept competitors' coupons, for a limited time only.
In addition, the flight crew and passengers of each aircraft will receive free King Masks (pictured), while supplies last. Äripäev online expressed it's hope that this would mean also cheaper plane tickets, but nobody gives a fuck what they think.
Photo of Tallinn Airport Promotional Coupon "Land Your Plane, Get a King Mask!"

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