Monday, February 8, 2010

BBN Named "Biggest Whores, February"

In a monthly competition sponsored by the International Newspaper Press Association, BBN Estonia has been named "Biggest Whores, February 2010" for their treatment of the story of the portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci arriving in Estonia via Air Baltic.
"Can you get any lazier than just running a press release?" asked INPA spokesman David Carpathian. "BBN turned a wonderful story about a discovered portrait--indeed, a historic occasion--into a plug for some insignificant Baltic airline. It is shame at a whole new level." BBN's February 5th headline read Leonardo da Vinci Booked for AirBaltic Flight, with a story not choosing to mention the historical significance of the event until its final paragraph. "Usually we wait until the beginning of the following month to give the award for the previous month," said the newspaper association's Carpathian, "but this time a whole new level of whoredom was reached and we felt compelled to give the award before even ten days of the month were out."
BBN will receive ten boxes of XL t-shirts bearing the words "Press Whore" and a free AirBaltic pen and pencil set for each member of the staff.

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