Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama, Ilves, Putin Join in Speechmaking Pact

Barack Obama, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and Vladimir Putin have signed an agreement to all use the same three sentences somewhere in their next official national addresses. What kind of an animal could have done such a thing? will be the opening sentence of each head of state's speech.
"We kind of got to talking about speeches over a beer," said Obama, "and decided wouldn't it be fun if we all had to work the same three sentences into a speech. That 'animal' line was Ilves' and I think it's a pretty good one." Obama himself then offered the second, The beast will have its day. "I was unsure," said Obama, "whether Ilves was taking a shot at Russia or whether he just likes Hollywood movie trailers, but in either case I wanted to stick to the theme." Putin, for his part, followed with There are those who would use this power to destroy the world. "I thought that one was kind of ominous and dark, but what the hell, you know he's Russian," said Obama. All three leaders' speeches will debut in February and be available on their websites.

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