Friday, February 5, 2010

Smigun Takes Early Lead in Portrait Photography

Unlike Kristina Smigun, Karel Tammjärv doesn't have sponsors which make an attractive portrait possible. "My buddy Aivar took it," he said referring to his teammate Aivar Rehemaa. "And I took his. Maybe we look more or less alike because we used the same camera. Or maybe we just look more or less alike. That's what my mom says, anyway, not that you asked for this long of an explanation or anything."
Kristina Smigun, however, former multiple Olympic Gold winner, is sponsored by Rakvere Meat Factory and skis in the name of link sausage. This year she will ski with one four-inch blood sausage hanging out a hole cut in the rear of her pants. "Yes, I know what it looks like," she said when reached via telephone, "but it really does get noticed and it sells a lot of sausage and that's why I'm able to have the quality of Olympic portrait I have when my teammates have ones taken by Aivar." After pausing to visibly consume an A. le Coq energy drink in front of a Norwegian television camera, Smigun added, "No offense meant, Aivar."
The Estonian team arrived in Vancouver yesterday for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Read the Livonian Chronicle for in-depth and exclusive coverage of Balts at the Vancouver Olympics.
Smigun (above left) was able to afford Sears Portrait Studios quality, while Tammjärv and Rehemaa took their photos with a borrowed one-megapixel Sony.


  1. I would definitely prefer to ski with the babe on the left as opposed to the two axe murderers on the right.

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