Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grybauskaite & Obama: Whose Idea Was It?

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite plans to visit Washington and her staff is seeking a meeting with President Barack Obama. The presidential adviser on foreign policy Darius Semaska says the meeting was suggested on the initiative of Grybauskaite. "Do you think that in relations with such countries as Lithuania, President Obama shows initiative?" asked Semaska. Obama may not have taken the initiative on this meeting, but the White House confirms that Grybauskaite has already been invited to the daily pick-up basketball game. "We've had Lithuanians play before," said Obama when reached on his Blackberry by the Livonian Chronicle. "They're always good shooters. I understand Grybauskaite isn't tall, but if she's Lithuanian she'll know how to box out." The President said small wagers are often placed on the game and that Grybauskaite might consider to bet her reconstruction budget in Ghor province. "If she shoots two for two from the line, then I agree the US will fully finance Lithuania's efforts in Ghor" Obama said. "But if she misses, then she's got to come here and work in the White House kitchen for two weeks and make those little zeppelini thingies. You don't get fairer than that," said the president.
Grybauskaite will be the first woman to play in the weekly White House basketball game (above).

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