Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Military Menage a Trois

Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine are to set up a three-nation military brigade, in a drive to boost Ukraine's ties with NATO, Warsaw said Monday. Defense Ministers for all three countries will sign an accord at NATO's Brussels headquarters next week. The three-way brigade will be known in army-speak as LITPOLUKRBRIG.
Stanislav Koscielski, a Polish Defense Ministry representative and spokesman for the new brigade said “We have worked hard on this. Competition has been especially fierce for naming the brigade.” He continued, “the Lithuanians suggested the brigade be called KLSZWMRSYSKJANECEK, which is Polish for ‘apple.’ Ukrainian forces lobbied hard for UPYOURSCOMMIEBASTRDS. But after long discussion, we adopted LITPOLUKRBRIG, which spelled backwards is the name of my grandmother’s heart medication.”

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