Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Biological Time for Latvia?

Sept. 28, not this year. Prime Minister Andris Berzins believes that a time keeping system should be found that would comply with the biological clock of Latvia's residents. "Certainly, a reasonable time keeping regime must be found that would comply with our biological clock," the premier said in an interview on the Latvian State Radio today.

The premier has assigned economy and transport ministers to coordinate viewpoints on changes in daylight saving time. When the ministers will have prepared their proposals they will be reviewed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

"I personally believe that evening comes a bit too early, while in the morning we wake up a bit too late," said the premier. "Of course," he continued, "it could be the beer."
The premier reminded however that the decision against changing the time had been adopted at the Baltic Ministers Council. Should Latvia wish to amend its clocks, it must say about that before doing so, besides the issue also needs to be coordinated with the other Baltic states. He said "We couldn't just go and change the time without telling anyone. They would still be getting up late, and who would make my coffee then? We will continue to give this issue some thought, including the possibility of buying a timer for the coffee."

"Of course, we will coordinate the issues and review them very carefully. Anyone who has anything to say for that matter is welcome to send letters to either the Ministry of Economy or Ministry of Transport, so that the community's viewpoint is clear," said the premier. "But don't call me too early."

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