Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finnair Strike Confounds Estonians

The strike of Finnish carrier Finnair has grounded hundreds of Estonian passengers. The airline will refund ticket purchases, but passengers will be out hotel- and rental car expenses, and travel insurance does not cover airline strikes. Estonian passengers have expressed disappointment in their own fashion. "I am furious," said passenger Markus Moorits. “I’ve been planning a trip to be all by myself, and now I will have to do that right here in the airport.”
Estonian Air has retaliated by cancelling its flights to Helsinki. Said Jaanus Lehtimaki, Estonian Air spokesman, “We’ve been preparing for this move from the moment passengers stopped flying with us three years ago. Let’s just see how confounded the Finns are!” Questioned about Estonian Air’s retaliatory gesture, Finnair’s CEO Heikki Nikkunen, said “the Estonians have a jet? I mean, a real one?”

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