Monday, November 30, 2009

Latvia Brings Back Debtors Prisons

The Latvian Saeima will review its 2010 state budget bill today. According to the bill, Latvians' personal income tax rate will increase from 23 percent to 280 percent. the government's social partners have criticized the budget, but the PM's office defends it citing the overwhelming success of debtors prisons in Dickensian England. "Also given the fact the CIA took all its Al Qaeda prisoners away in the middle of the night, we now have plenty of unused cell space for those unable to pay taxes," said Edgars Lazo, the Saeima's spokesman for budget issues. "We didn't hike taxes willy nilly. This is thought through with Latvian-like precision."

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  1. You know those prisons weren't as bad as they sound. You could actually live there with your family, if you wanted. Probably better if someone was bringing you food though. Didn't Dickens characters eat gruel? Is gruel the national food of Latvia? Or is that zeppelins?