Wednesday, November 25, 2009

British Tourists Down 70% in Estonia

Estonia's tourism from Britain is down 69.2 percent in the second quarter versus year ago reports the UK statistics office. Some attribute the decline to the economic recession starting earlier in the UK than elsewhere.
In the same time period, however, British tourism is up 500 percent in Riga. British travel consultant Nigel Tufnel attributes this to Riga having more large objects to pee on, which he notes is "very popular among the younger British crowd." Tufnel notes that Tallinn has recently erected a 16-meter high freedom cross in order to compete with Riga. "To pee on that, though, you've got to walk up about two dozen steps," which he believes is a strategic disadvantage when compared to Latvia's freedom monument. "In Latvia you need to pee and the thing is just right there." Tufnel speculates Tallinn's monument might appeal more to high-altitude or "extreme urinators," an offshoot sport derived from parkour,


  1. Love the site. Satarises very well the ¨but I know English langauge very well¨ school of rush-job translations in the Baltics. Need some proper satire as an antidote to the comments on bbn.

  2. " offshoot sport derived from parkour"...