Thursday, November 26, 2009

Estonian Air Scores Football Contract

Estonian Air has inked a deal with the Estonian Football Association to make EA the association's official carrier. "Cooperation with Estonian Air is important for us because it allows us to travel directly from Tallinn as a football family," said Aivar Pohlak, President of the Estonian Football Association.
Other contenders to carry the football family were Eurolines, Hansabuss, and an Estonian named Toivo who owns three Cessna 150s. Insiders say Eurolines made its bid by delivering the tender documents in a bus with papier mache wings attached to the side. Hansabuss pushed its free-coffee-onboard offering, and Toivo offered to find two more pilots as soon as possible. Estonian Air celebrated its victory with a bottle of Vana Tallinn smashed across the nosecone of its fleet's pride and joy, a Saab 340A.

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  1. Good thing Estonian families are small. An Italian football family could never fit on one aircraft.