Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mad Car Disease

The Latvian paper Telegraf has analyzed the impact that the economic crisis has had on the car market in Latvia and concluded that Latvia exports large numbers of "very little used good quality cars." What remains in Latvia, are very old cars in a bad condition, that are dangerous to their drivers and all other cars on the roads as well.
According to the article, the drivers are fine, but it’s the cars that cause the record breaking number of accidents, fatalities, and alcohol-influenced shenanigans. BMW and older model Audis are among the most suspect for hooliganism on the highway. Fords are less temperamental, and are safe, as long as they are regularly washed, and fuzzy dice aren’t hung from the rearview mirror. Telegraf recommends prohibiting export of older Volvos, which are associated with literature, tweed jackets, and equestrian sport.

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