Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lithuanian Hotel Chain to Rule Estonia

The Lithuanian-based Europa Group Hotels plans to enter the Estonian market. "Since our activity on Latvian and Lithuanian markets has been successful until the present, we have set our aim at opening a hotel also in Tallinn in order to offer opportunities of accommodation to our clients in all the Baltic countries," said Romunderias Barauskacavicius, Europa Group's Director of Northward Development.
"That makes a hell of a lot of sense for a Lithuanian," said a spokesman for Estonia's George Bernard Shaw Gastronomic and Luxury Hotel Society. "Tallinn has almost twice as many hotel rooms as Helsinki with only half its population. What we definitely need is a Lithuanian-owned hotel." Barauskacavicius added that people are being trained for the expansion and upgrading courses are held. "Many of our people have already learned to say 'hello' in Estonian." Barauskacavicius noted it was his plan to have the only Baltic-owned hotel in Estonia whose staff greet clients. "This week, our staff is studying 'thank you,' though I understand it's not really used in Estonia."


  1. I've seen the stats. Tallinn has 7,000 hotel rooms, Helsinki 4,000 rooms. Half of Tallinn's hotels are for sale and probably more than that mired in debt. Truly amazing someone wants to bring yet another hotel.

  2. Tallinn sorely lacks and Icelandic hotel. I'm sure the financial vikings are working on it.

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