Friday, March 12, 2010

Latvian President Sends Love Gram To Lithuanians

Latvian President Valdis Zatlers today held a press conference to congratulate the Lithuanian nation on the 20th anniversary of the restoration of that country's independence, and to call for renewed unity between Latvia and Lithuania, according to Diena. In his address, Zatlers looked back at the events leading to the restoration of Lithuania's independence, and said Lithuania was a leader in the Baltics and an example to other nations in their struggle for freedom.
Then President Zatlers read from a letter he had personally sent to President Grybauskaite of Lithuania: "Dear brothers, Lithuanians! We have achieved much more than we could dream of back in 1990, and yet we have not drifted apart. You are our brothers, and we love you like brothers. And I beg you; whenever you feel depressed or miserable, pay a visit to us in Latvia, and we will show you, dear brothers, what real misery is. And while you’re here, why not enjoy some of our delicious Lido shashliki, and drink our fresh and tasty Latvian Uzavas beer. Have a look at our women, who are so much prettier than your own. Stay in one of our hotels. We have many, and they’re all owned by Norwegians now. And bright and early the next morning, like good brothers should do, you can go right back home. Cause you seem a little Polish to us, and we don’t understand the words coming out from your mouth. Long live Lithuania, long live Latvia!"
Photo: President Grybauskaite (right), celebrates independence with President Zatlers (middle), and her personal secretary Sammy (left).


  1. why would Grybauskaite's personal secretary be in a foto? i don't think he is her secretary really.

  2. of course it's not her secretary. look at his face. he's a hotel staff member who was goofing around and wandered into the foto. cool. you know copies of this foto are all over this guy's house.

  3. Sure, the guy on the left with a bowtie is a butler. She's just so nice towards the hotel personnel, probably gave a good tip as well.

  4. Guy in the bow tie is a male escort who arrived with Zalters in the southbound bus. Tommy cut his gums in Washington DC, and moved on top of the Big Apple, where he was reportedly Spitzer's No. 2.